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Sony Fires Up Destiny and Watch Dogs Commercials During Primetime

Sony’s Brainchild is in the spotlight once again, partly due to what it has to offer and partly because of all the money both Sony and Microsoft are pouring in Marketing to get their consoles to oust rival ones.

Yesterday, During the immensely popular show by AMC, The Walking Dead and the premiere of Fox’s highly anticipated series – “Cosmos”, the Playstation 4 got an advertising marketing blitz as what must have costed tens of millions of dollars happened.

Two of Playstation 4’s most highly anticipated games, Destiny and Watch Dogs, both got commercial highlights. Destiny’s commercial ended with the release date alongside a big PS4 logo on 9/9/2014.

It was accompanied by the words “Share your greatest Destiny moments on PlayStation 4″.

Meanwhile, Watch Dogs got a similar treatment, as its trailer was accompanied by the words “Share your greatest Watch_Dogs moments on PlayStation 4″.

This might mean that Sony’s jumping the gun with these games, or might mean that these games are products that the company is really confident in. Products that will boost up the Playstation 4’s sales to a substantial level and make it adequately equipped against any, and all competitors.

Possibly, to combat the Titanfall Hype, Destiny is getting commercials six months before the game’s release, and that’s a lot of time. The commercials, which are reported as looking fantastic might also be there not to advertise the games, but rather to showcase the console’s sharing capabilities.

Sharing, which has become an integral part of the console, so much so that the controller even has an official share button might be something that Sony is marketing on and using as a point to sell their console.

This news comes as just the latest of the two companies clashing, each to get their product to be the one that becomes the market leader and pushes the other one out of the video game market. And Sony, who has been winning the next gen war just took a bold step which may or may not be as beneficial as they believe it to be.

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