Raptr is Getting a Complete Reboot – PC to be the Focus Platform

Raptr, previously the rarely used platform that used to give players some rewards when they played specific games for specific amounts of time, or by the completion of certain requirements, is now completely rebooting.

In past, the game tracking software was used to provide data about games on multiple platforms, but now it is going to be focusing completely on PC gaming. Because PC gaming has grown to over 900 million gamers worldwide, and because of raptr’s success on the PC, that is going to be raptr’s primary focus.

“The biggest pain point for PC gamers is the weakness of the platform as a whole,” said Dennis Fong, Raptr’s CEO. “Everybody has a different kind of PC. There are a million different configurations for playing games. We help gamers get the best experience every time they play.”

Raptr has a total of more than 22 million registered members, with its new optimization program, which allows users to best configure their settings for their computers being a huge success in countries like China. Fong reported Raptr to be growing at a rate of 1.5 million new users every month.

This new service emerged because Raptr already gathers data about several games. Now it just uses that data and helps users with optimization and better detection of how compatible their games are with their system.

Using a predefined database Raptr already knows which games run best at which settings on specific rig specifications, using the settings that it gathers from millions if its users. That allows it to recommend those already proven best settings to other users. It just brings both worlds together and let’s users make the best of the data it collects.

The newly added “optimize” button in raptr just requires a user log-in to Raptr. This automatically adjusts the game’s settings to the optimized best options and allows the user to circumvent a lot of trial and error by a simple click. This cuts down users getting their game experience ruined because of choppy frame rates and crashes.

Emerging countries are an ideal hub for this new feature as many people there lack the expensive super machines that people in richer countries can easily purchase. Optimizing a game to run on older or low-end computers is a challenge. But with crowd-sourcing and machine learning, Raptr can do it much better.

Raptr launched the service in September 2013 and for the first time, the results for that are being shared. The introduction of this new service is exactly why Raptr’s audience has grown from 18 million members to 22 million members in the last five months. That’s impressive, since it took Raptr almost seven years to get to 18 million.

AMD has partnered up with Raptr to promote the PC optimization platform. Players have optimized their games over 3 million times and the Raptr-recommended settings have been kept 91 percent of the time. The audience for the optimization service is global.

The success of Free-to-play games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and Crossfire is another reason for the success of Raptr’s new service. The highly competitive nature of these video games requires highly optimized functionality and Raptr’s service provides that function.

This new service is an addition to Raptr’s other business of running a free PC-focused gamer social network. (The company is now retiring that description in favor of being a PC gaming communication platform). Raptr, which allows players to earn points by playing games and then lets members spend those points on free games, hardware and discounts in the company’s new rewards store.

Raptr is also releasing new ads, which target players based on their preferences, gathered from their choice of video games and their playing history. In a recent advertisement campaign for Thief, the number of ad-clicks were 20 times the industry average. Raptr is also cutting deals with game publishers, who in stead pay referral fees for new customers.

Fong focused on Raptr having reinvented itself for a focus on PC gaming, and console sharing has been sacrificed in favor of the PC. Raptr isn’t trying to cater to those machines anymore.

Raptr was founded in 2007 and it has raised money from Accel Partners, Founder’s Fund, DAG Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. The Raptr service is available in 100 countries. The company has 40 employees.