Project CARS From The Sky Trailer Highlights Game’s Physics and Visuals

Project CARS, From the Sky trailer showcases some of the game physics and gives an idea of how the game will be operating.

According to many, the show cased trailer trades in physics for greater visual appeal, and diminishes one aspect of the realism – the physics, in favor of another – the visuals. It’s a sim that simulates an incomplete reality.

A false, good looking one that functions in a manner that is unrealistic.

The cars, for instance, corner on rails when they aren’t supposed to. At the limit, the cars feel vague, and it isn’t easy to correct for slides. There are also times where one corrects for the slide, well in advance and time perfectly, but the car still rotates around, making your actions irrelevant and futile.

The physics in the game are similar to those of Need for Speed Shift – another racing game made by the same studio. And like most simulators, this game gets the physics wrong too.

Gran Turismo 6 was a legitimate effort, and the game was excellent, though at times the physics failed to perform realistically, like when tires let go, despite input by Yokohoma and KW to get the car mechanics right – a steap back from Gran Turismo 5.

The physics aren’t broken, or totally like that of a game, rather than a Sim, but they need work, especially when the cars are running at maximum velocity.

Simulators like┬áLive For Speed and Assetto Corsa are good examples which make the game feel realistic and intuitive, but even they fall short at a certain point – the point being tires, once again. Both of them have their positive and negative points, but none of them is perfect.

The thing about Project CARS is, that it is even further from perfection than these games are.

For someone who really likes a Sim racer, there might be other, more viable options available. For players who don’t care about the nitty gritty of it that much, Project CARS’ trailer looks good as any, and it seems like a pretty decent racing game, as far as racing games go. It may not be a realistic Sim, but it can still be a decent racing game.

Excited about the game? Disagree with me? Voice out your thoughts in the comments below!