Perfect World Reports Positive Revenue Courtesy of Dota 2 Soft Launch

Perfect World is in the early stages of introducing Dota 2 into the Mainland China and guess what the plan is already having its effect on the financial figures of the company. The publisher who has the distribution rights of the game in China has reported positive figures as well as an increase in the total revenue for the fourth Quarter.

The total number of PC players in Mainland China rose to 803,000 from 778,000 owing to the soft launch of Dota 2, this compares to 620,000 users in the comparative quarter of the last fiscal year.

Total revenue reported by the publisher was $151 million as compared to $133.6 million from the last quarter. If compared with the last year’s profit this is an increase of $110.7 million. Total revenue for this year was $504.3 million while operation profits were $55.8 M.

On the other hand, this quarter’s operating profits were $1.6 million which is an impressive decrease from $18.7 on a quarter on quarter basis.

The CEO Robert Xiao said that they had experienced an 11 percent increase in the total revenues and that this was above their highest expectations. He further elaborated on the importance of Dota 2 and other steps that they had taken in regards to their performance by saying:

“As part of our consistent practice to invigorate our existing games, we released a number of expansion packs and content updates during the quarter. We have also been working on a more comprehensive and well-rounded pipeline with a line-up of attractive client-based games across a wide range of genres, such as the highly-anticipated Dota 2 and our 3D MMORPG Legend of the Condor Heroes, as well as a number of web and mobile games.”

As of now, Dota 2 is in an initial stage of commercialization and it will be launched in China soon. Other than this, the publisher has Neverwinter’s release in their pipeline relating to the Chinese region.