Here’s How iOS 7.1 Has Changed Your iPhone

It is natural that being preceded by a major design change through iOS 7, the changes that iOS 7.1 has made to the way you use the iPhone would be a little overshadowed. Yet, there are multiple tweaks that you will thank Apple for.

The most important change that iOS 7.1 has brought forward is a fix that takes care of crashes. Since the launch of iOS 7, many users had been tormented by the black crash screen that popped up randomly. So far, the update has managed to keep the problem at bay.

It has also fixed the problem that most of us faced at the hands of multiple notifications on FaceTime.

There are many people who own more than one devices but the notification system didn’t recognize that and would go on to notify the user on every device even if the FaceTime call had been answered on one of the devices.

Following suit with the iMessage notifications, the FaceTime notification will now get cleared from other devices once you have visited it from a device.

Changes have been made to how the Touch ID works – it had previously been made to incorporate different ways that you put your finger on the sensor so that the software could know your prints better but this had usually led to the Touch ID muddled.

Apple has claimed that it has taken care of the issues but hey, let’s use it for a couple of days and we will see how truthful they were.

There has been a layout change in the Calendar; though it might seem too small a change to be worth mentioning, it will come of benefit to many. Now there will be a list option that will let you see the full list of notifications when viewing a single day.

Moving on, a new addition has been made to the camera app: an automatic HDR setting. The camera will let you select HDR Auto and after that it will automatically detect when the High Dynamic Range option could improve the image and activate it.

There will now be a push to talk button for the dear old Siri. Although the addition looks small, it will come of help to those who usually pause between dictations.

In the past, some people would feel a communication gap where Siri would jump to the send it screen while the user paused to think what to say next.

Multiple tweaks have been made to the Reduce Motion accessibility features that will now make the view less bouncy and more dissolving when you are using different apps and switching the pages.

Furthermore, you will be able to remove moving backgrounds from the weather and messages app. If you switch to Bold Font it will have an OS-wide effect.

There are other changes too; the Button Shapes option gives more prominence to the buttons that previously were less recognizable from non button text. I will add, though, that the design of the buttons could really have been better.

The only downside I see, apart from the design of the Buttons, is that the accessibility features that now give people a choice at every step gives a hint that Apple can’t settle on one thing.

It could obviously be that they wish to give more options to the user but that’s not how iPhone functionalities have worked in the past. Previously, if you didn’t like something in the design you had to live with it.

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