Daylight 34% Off, Plus Soundtrack, On Steam Pre-Order

Survival horror game Daylight is currently up for preorder on Steam, for a price of €9.29. That’s a pretty steep 34% discount drop for anyone who buys the game ahead of launch.

Normally, the game would cost €13.99. In addition to the discount, choosing to pre-purchase will yield the game’s exclusive soundtrack.

Daylight brings the horror genre of procedurally generated environments to the new generation, as it’s also headed to Playstation 4. It’s under production by developer Zombie Studios, the people responsible for Blacklight: Retribution. They’re using the Unreal Engine 4, to lead in this new range of games.

Players roam through dilapidated hospital rooms and other scary environments like caves and such. These rooms get attached to each other at random, which will lead to getting haunted in a different way each time.

For Daylight, developer Zombie Studios partnered up with gaming personality Jessica Chobot. She will be writing the story laced into the horror action.

For her inspiration, Chobot previously detailed events from her past, when she would explore abandoned buildings. Professionally, Chobot is known for work on multiple media outlets.

Daylight will release on April 8, 2014. Incidentally, competitor Outlast will use that release period to drop some downloadable content and revive its survival horror theme as well.

Let us know which has won your heart to scare it next month. Drop us a comment.