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Dark Souls 2 Matchmaking Issues Prevalent on PS3, Update Coming Soon

From Software released Dark Souls 2, one of the hardest role playing games of the season today. Now although many of us would say that the game is great while others would simply puff at how unplayable it is; it surely is a popular game. Many of us are playing it and none of us would want to see the game having issues.

However, there have been certain matchmaking issues in the game and now the developer along with many players has acknowledged that. The official website of Dark Souls 2 talked about the problem in a small post saying that they were aware of the matchmaking problems and that Namco Bandai and the developer are working on it at this very moment:

“Dark Souls 2 for PS3 is currently experiencing occasional difficulty with some online matching features. NAMCO BANDAI Games is currently working with FromSoftware to address all difficulties and will provide an update shortly. Thank you for your understanding.”

In parallel news, the website has also informed users that the Dark Souls 2 PS3 servers will be turned off for sometime owing to maintenance of the PlayStation Network server. They have also given a timeframe between which players should expect the game to be down, here are the windows:

March 13th 3:00pm – 6:00pm JST
March 13th 8:00am – 11:00pm GMT
March 13th 2:00am – 5:00am EDT
March 12th 11:00pm – March 13th 2:00am PDT

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