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CryEngine Gets Native Linux Support

Crytek has today announced full native Linux support for the new CryEngine, which attendees of the upcoming GDC would be able to check out first hand.

The developer stated that they will be hosting a number of presentations at GDC 2014 and it will all serve as the stage of its Linux-CryEngine reveal. Crytek’s free-to-play shooter Warface and its new mobile title, The Collectables, will also be on display for attendees to play.

Additionally a Crytek panel will host a series of talks during the conference where it will discuss narrative driven games and rendering technology among others.

Crytek stepping up to offer Linux support is good news for Valve and other vendors who already have announced their Steam Machines. The Linux-based operating system is scheduled for an official release later this year and the CryEngine featuring Linux now will give developers a good edge in porting games over. Expect a host of big publishers like EA and Ubisoft to use the new CryEngine to land their titles on Valve’s Steam Machines.

GDC 2014 is going to take place next week in San Francisco.