Citadel Studios Unveil Shards Online – An Online 3D top-down Isometric Title

Citadel studios, the studio that was formed by the remnants of the teams behind the ill Fated Warhammer Online and the old school Ultima Online have revealed their first project: Shards Online.

The project – Shards Online (or Shards) covers all bases of the genre, and the studio had this to say about it:

“Our first project is an online, 3D top-down isometric send-up of all the love we have for sandbox games of yesteryear, especially Ultima Online. You can expect fun, simple combat with group or faction play, as well as a skill-based system to really test out non-XP based character development in the modern age of gaming. Plus, we’ll be using some of the latest technology and beautiful artwork to make it run seamlessly on your usual hardware while still looking great. No incredible upgrades needed to get in and have fun!”

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Citadel plans on reverting back the genre to something old school. This will be seen, not only in the view point, but also how the game feels and plays. Making a sandbox game is an integral part of Shards.

“We want to bring our worlds to life, and making a sandbox is unlike any other kind of game development. Gone are the restrictive level designs, one-time encounters, and confining rails of gameplay. Instead, we strive to build open worlds where our players are free to explore a vibrant setting teeming with emergent gameplay. Animals and monsters roam and interact, and NPCs live their daily lives with or without you – sometimes in spite of you! We believe in creating dynamic content and letting the world itself change and grow. Inspired by games like Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and Minecraft, we want our players to have every chance to make their mark on the world and themselves.”

Even though no gameplay footage is revealed, there is present a sneakpeak of the game engine and it has a very retro personaish feel to it, which seems like a good thing.

Players who want to get exclusive early access can sign up here.

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