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Arma 3: Final “Win” Campaign Episode to Release Next Week

The third and final chapter of Arma 3’s campaign will be released on March 11, 2014, Bohemia Interactive announced today.

Titled Win, the DLC will be released for free and come March 11, all Arma 3 owners on Steam will receive it as an automatic update.

The story of infantryman Ben Kerry will finally be concluded. The soldier who had been a part of a NATO peacekeeping mission in the Mediterranean before it went wrong, will now have to deal with a further “escalated” situation.

“The final act follows the situation as it escalates further, with NATO forces in the Mediterranean on the brink of all-out war with the AAF and their strategic partners, CSAT. Given greater responsibility – and facing a more formidable enemy – players must deploy all the skills and experience they’ve gathered to bring the flashpoint to a resolution.”

The free DLC will also contain updates for terrain and other environment textures. It will additionally feature an athletics stadium and ghost hotel compound, plus three new vehicles: the A-164 Wipeout single-seat aircraft, the To-199 Neophron aircraft, and the Tempest 6×6 mine resistant standard transport truck. It will also include a separate ‘Fixed-Wing’ Showcase mission, which introduces players to the new aircraft.

Arma 3 was released in August of last year without any single-player campaign. Bohemia back then announced that they plan to release the single-player campaign in the form of three free DLC episodes.