Michael Pachter: Xbox One Without “Kinect” Might Come in 2015

Michael Pachter, famous industry analyst feels that Microsoft will stop bundling the Xbox One with the Kinect, which eventually will result in a price drop.

While talking on his weekly web show Bonus Round on Gametrailers, he said:

Kinect was Don Mattrick’s favorite child. He believed in it, he thought it was gonna change the world. He believed it a mechanism to cross sell skype and to cross sell cable access and doing other things.

Kinect is the reason Xbox One is $100 expensive than the PlayStation 4, removing it will put them head to head on the price with the Sony’s console. Pachter kept talking on the subject and said that Kinect has become irrelevant.

I think that as Microsoft developed Skype, they recognized how fast smartphones and tablets have been adopted and I think the overlap of Xbox One households and smartphones and tablets households is probably a hundred percent. I think that Kinect has become almost irrelevant.

The Kinect does have some cool features but is being forced onto the people who don’t particularly enjoy the Kinect features and games at all. For them it is just useless, removing it from the bundle will be good move.

Just the way they introduced the 4GB Xbox after a couple years, they’ll bring one out and it’ll be something that’ll look a little dumbed down. I think they’ll actually pick the core model and put a 2TB hard drive in it, and then the dumbed down one will have a 500GB hard drive, and it’ll have no Kinect, and it’ll be $400

Pachter believes that price is most important for anything that hits the market. If Microsoft continued with the same price they will always lag behind Sony, but Microsoft will not unbundle the Kinect this year, “it’s a 2015 event”

I think this is a price game. I think unbundling Kinect is the smartest way to get competitive right away.

Probably the coolest feature of Kinect is voice commands and removing Kinect will not be a huge deal as Smart Glass table app can be used for them as well.

Is Microsoft ready to take out the Kinect from the bundle? Do you want a Kinect less Xbox One? Let us know in your comments!