This Video Proves Watch Dogs Visuals Have Downgraded

Did you see the Watch Dogs reveal video that Ubisoft showed at the 2012 E3?

It surely was impressive wasn’t it? Well, as it happens, one of the fans who had been waiting for the game to release in May decided to compare the visual quality of the game in that video with a more recent one shared by the developer.

Recently, a video was shared to demonstrate the gameplay of Watch Dogs on PlayStation 4; using it, a YouTuber has created a comparison that some members of the community are using to say that the recent footage has been downgraded.

This is being compared to what game director for Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin had said back in September last year:

There’s no scale down in quality, especially the next-gen versions. It’s pretty much the opposite. What we showed at E3 2012 in a lot of respects was less good. I think it’s in the details. So no, there’s no scale down.

In fact, there is a pretty popular thread over at NeoGAF where users are accusing developers for the use of Target Renders in the 2012 video. They are also accusing From Software for downgrading Dark Souls 2.

Watch Dogs release date was recently announced, it is slated to hit the racks on May 27, 2014 and is one of the most anticipated games that the next generation has seen so far.

We have posted the comparison video above; you may check it and voice your opinions about it in the comments below!