This is Titanfall Themed Xbox One Console Being Given to Respawn Employees Only

There had been rumors about a Titanfall themed Xbox One console a couple of months ago, but the plan was apparently ditched due to its expensiveness. However, the same Titanfall themed consoles have now resurfaced. Only this time the source of the news is Respawn Entertainment itself and, sadly, they are not for sale.

Recently, employees of the developer started sharing images of the Titanfall Xbox One console on different mediums and then an image of the same console was tweeted by the official Twitter profile of Respawn Entertainment. It was also confirmed in the same tweet that these consoles were not for sale – boo hoo.

Apart from the fact that the Titanfall Xbox One console will be out of the reach of the general public; there is another thing that caught my attention. The guy who leaked the information months ago had also leaked a couple of other things. If the leak about Titanfall themed consoles is true, it would make sense if the rest of his predictions are true as well.

The same guy had also claimed that Halo 2 Anniversary Edition will be released this year. Other juicy claims that he had made over the time include Forza Horizon release in fall 2014, Quantum Break release in holidays 2014, a $299 Xbox One ‘maybe without an optical drive,’ Crackdown 3 to be a 2016 title, Fable Legends to come in summer 2015 and lastly, that the first Titanfall DLC would come 45 days from release.

Check out how many of these are/or could be true.