RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic Coming To New Consoles

Kickstarter project Earthlock: Festival of Magic received the go to extend its development on the new wave of consoles. It will now target all platforms, Wii U, Playstation 4 and Xbox 360, outside of its PC release.

This roleplaying game (RPG) sets itself in the colorful world of Umbra. Its soft colors open up with bright deserts, shining coastlines and massive cities.

There are some pretty nice twists upon the normal RPG designs. For instance, there is a form of farming, like with Harvest Moon, for instance, but not at all in the simple setup as there.

Instead, growing things in Earthlock: Festival of Magic is required to gain ammunition to use in battle. Additionally, growing your own set of consumable items to help you will be present too.

In said combat, the turn-based party element gets a little tweak as well. Instead of the normal multi-member premise of similar titles, this mechanism will work with one warrior and one protector linked together.

This means that during encounters, there will always be one character on the forefront dealing out the most direct damage, while another sits to the side and offers support. To diversify the dynamic, different characters can be linked together.

Monsters will be visible in the field at all times, with no random encounters. It does, however, try to retain a classic overworld feel for its map, visually.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic was approved through Steam Greenlight in the massive list of games back in October 2013. It’s been in development since 2011 at Snowcastle Games in Norway.

Currently, the developer is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 for what is said to be “Volume 1” of Earthlock: Festival of Magic. With still over 30 days on the clock, it’s already one third of the way there.