Planets³ is Both Minecraft and MMO With Block-Shaped Planets

Planets³ is one game that looks to have great potential. Don’t be confused by watching the trailer; while the game does take on Minecraft, Planets³ is not Minecraft in space. At least not entirely.

Planets³ is an open-world voxel-based RPG that also acts as an MMO. Alongside offering unlimited creativity with building sequences, the game also offers quests, a story line, vehicles to move around in, NPCs you can interact with. Exploring is what is being focused here and the game drives players forward to have a unique adventure each time.

Your adventures take on plants that are giant blocks that in turn are made up of thousands of billions of smaller blocks. The blocks can be combined in a variety of ways to build beautiful objects and landscape elements of all shapes and size.

Planets³ is being developed by Cubical Drift who are utilizing a “Long Distance Display Engine” that is said to show “truly breathtaking” landscapes and environments when drawing distance and procedural voxelisation.

The game though is very early in its development and at the moment is looking at a release in two parts. The first release will happen in fall of 2015 where players will be able to travel between planets in one system and play the first part of the storyline. The second release will happen in 2017 where players will travel beyond the first system and be able to finish the storyline.

The whole project requires $250,000 in crowd funding and a Kickstarter page has been created for it.