New Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details Shared, Online Activities are a Choice

We all know that Watch Dogs multiplayer is going to have a ‘drop-in’ feature that will let others join your game (and vice versa) but that doesn’t mean you will be in the open for invading hackers to join in and spam your game. First off, the drop-in multiplayer can be turned off whenever you want to and secondly, there will be a system to keep you safe from being bombarded by invaders.

Let’s talk about Watch Dogs multiplayer having the optional drop-in feature first. Game developer Ubisoft recently shared a livestream on their Twitch channel where multiple questions were answered.

The lead designer Danny Belanger said that “All the online activities are just part of the menu. They are a choice. But if someone is not into that… they can totally turn it off.” So there you go; bring them in to your world or not, depending on your mood.

As far as the system is concerned that will be used to ward off players who wish to spam your game by invading at the ring of a bell; he said that if you are being a good boy, bad guys won’t bother you (but do we want to?) Here’s what he said:

There’s also something important called the shield. If someone comes into your game, they can’t come in right after so you can’t be spammed in that way — unless you become aggressive and you start going into other people’s games. Then you really become available. But it’s just a player choice in the end.

How do you plan to go about playing Watch Dogs multiplayer? What will be your tool, the recommended ‘hide-n-seek’ method or aggression?