Infamous: Second Son Live-Action Trailer Shows Delsin Having Fun

With just less than two weeks to go before the release of the much anticipated Infamous: Second Son, Sony has released a new live-action trailer that pits protagonist Delsin Rowe against armed officers of the Department of Unified Protection.

From all of the trailers so far released, Delsin’s personality seems to be in contrast of what we experienced with Cole McGrath from the first game. Brian FLeming, founder of the series and developer at Sucker Punch, pointed out that both have different attitudes towards their powers.

Cole saw them as a burden, while Delsin is relishing in what he can do and is having fun with his new found abilities.

“Delsin really revels in his powers,” he said. “[That] really informed a lot of what we did, and we tried to have this cohesion between everything. That’s also why Delsin is the type of character that he is – he really enjoys his powers because we found that marries the player’s experience to the character. Our game has always been about enjoying your powers, but now there’s more of a reflection of that.”

That attitude is reflected in the trailer titled “Enjoy Your Power,” and will help to define the character when players guide him through Second Son.

Infamous: Second will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 21, 2014.