Gone Home Releasing for Consoles Soon; Developer Deciding on Which Ones

One of the best PC games of last year; Gone Home, the first-person interactive story title, is coming to consoles later this year.

“We designed Gone Home from the beginning to be a couch experience,” Steve Gaynor, cofounder of developer The Fullbright Company and writer of Gone Home, told IGN. “There are Trophies and there [are] Achievements, but there’s also new features with the new consoles. The PS4 is all about sharing, for instance.”

That said, the developer and publisher is still deciding over what consoles to release the game on. While the co-founder did mention the PlayStation 4, he also said that it depends on “How can we make it the best version you coudl possibly play on the hardware you’ve got on your living room.”

Gone Home takes place in a house in the Pacific Northwest where a young woman who returns from traveling abroad to find her entire family gone from their home. The player must then start exploring objects around the house to piece together the story.

As for what Fullbright’s future plans are, fans would be saddened to know that it has no plans to bring a sequel.

“We are not working on a sequel,” said Gaynor. “We’re currently doing very early days on what our next game is. I can say it won’t be Gone Home 2, but I can also sat it’ll be us continuing to explore the kind of interactive experiences we started with Gone Home. And then seeing what our next step is, so we don’t repeat ourselves.”

Source IGN