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FMOD Studio Now Free For Commercial Indie Development

In another recent leniency towards facilitating game development, Firelight Technology has announced that their FMOD Studio tools are now fully free to use for indie developers. Previously, the program was usable as a free download, but this new deal extends the deal to commercial use as well.

There is, however, a caveat. In a report from Gamasutra, it states that the commercial use of the tools may only be applied freely to budgets under $100,000.

FMOD is a highly popular program used in games to create a variety of sounds and songs. It offers multi-track support and can generate plenty of effects.

More tools have been opening to indie developers lately. Previously, the Unity game engine offered many free options for licenses as well. It branched off with this deal to the new range of consoles, such as select uses on Xbox One and Wii U.

Speaking of which, FMOD uses Unity integration, bringing game development even closer to highly fashioned products made for free. Sounds from the program can be found in a large selection of well-known games.

Just a few names on the list of accolades from FMOD are Crysis, Diablo III, Bioshock and Tomb Raider. Of course, these studios work with a much larger budget and access a ton more assets, but at least indie developers can draw from the same well.

With other recent offers, such as the Game Maker tools recently offering free downloads, things are looking up for the already growing indie scene. Hopefully, this can generate even more unique titles.