Deus Ex Devs Working On Unity Label’s Space Noir

There’s a new galactic flyer game coming with the announcement for Space Noir. It’s all about one man and his ship, flying into the depths of the universe.

Space Noir puts players in the mind of Hal Markham, a former pilot turned mercenary. Once enlisted, he finds out that his skills are used for oppression. Fed up with it, he quits and returns home to find his previous life destroyed.

Hal becomes a gun for hire, picking up galactic bounty. That will, however, not make life easier.

There are five different worlds in Space Noir. In total, this will hold 35 missions, both within the worlds themselves, as in the deep blackness of space.

Combat will be seen from a third person perspective. Players will be tested on their reaction time to escape danger. There will even be boss battles in Space Noir.

Environments are filled with color hazes and neon lighting. This seems to be a trend in currently planned space titles. If this is the future, we certainly don’t mind, as it looks absolutely stunning.

Set for a summer of 2014 release, Space Noir is under production by developer N-Fusion Interactive and falls below the banner of publisher Unity Games. This is quite possibly the most ambitious title from the recent label from the Unity game engine.

Developer N-Fusion is also known from previous work on Deus Ex: The Fall, the mobile device adaptation of the popular franchise. It was recently announced that this iteration would be coming to PC as well.

Even more impressive, Space Noir would be headed to tablets, aside from a PC release. If it can retain a similar visual quality, that would be quite the title to own on a mobile device.