‘Dark Souls Deaths’ Tells How Many Times You Have Died in the Game

If you have spent some time playing Dark Souls, you will know one thing above all; folks at From Software love to kill you. Average players would die as much as a hundred or more times in the game thanks to hard to kill enemies, and low health counts – not to forget the matter with your souls and the fact that you are literally sent in blank.

I can assume many of you would have tried to keep a track of how many times you or your friends had met the ‘YOU DIED’ screen. What if there was a place that let you find out exactly how many times you have been killed and then compare it with how the community has fared?

It looks like some of the die-hard fans (or irritated gamers?) had the same thought. So now there is a website named Dark Souls Deaths that calculates the number of times you were murdered. All you need to do is to upload your save file.

There also is a stats page where they have maintained graphs depicting the average deaths per playthrough as well as average total deaths faced by the players who submitted their save files.

Sadly, Dark Souls Deaths is only offering the services for PC users only. Though the developer has asked for feedback on how to incorporate PS3 and Xbox 360 save files into this:

“You’re shit out of luck. Sorry! If you have an idea on how to make this work for consoles, let us know.”

Check the number of times Dark Souls had you meet your death and comment below, let’s see which one of our readers died the least.