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Costume Quest 2 Announced for Halloween Release

Double Fine has today announced Costume Quest 2, the sequel to the original adventure RPG that was released back in 2010. Midnight City will be handling the publishing and will release the game for “consoles and PC” this Halloween.

Speaking with IGN, the studio’s Tim Schafer said that the sequel to Costume Quest was “more of a demand.” The game is in full production and it’s unlikely that it’ll see any sort of delays.

This also marks the first time that Double Fine has released a sequel to a game. Previously they were said to be working on a sequel to Brutal Legend. The project however was scrapped due to the terrible sales of the first game, which I must agree with. Brutal Legend was something that could have been but was in the end a disaster. Additionally rumors of a Psychonauts sequel had fans jumping around but that also fell short of any official statement.

Costume Quest 2 is said to feature an improved battle system that is even “deeper and juicier,” said Schafer. Returning heroes Wren and Reynold will have a “new batch of costumes with which to transform into giant super powered fantasy Hallowarriors,” according to publisher Midnight City.

Source IGN