Bound by Flame: Crafting System Explained; Plays a Vital Role

Spider Studio’s new fantasy RPG Bound by Flame is releasing later this year and there’s still so much about the game that we don’t know. In a latest reveal on the PlayStation Blog, studio producer Walid Miled explains to us the game’s crafting system, that according to him plays a vital role.

“You’ll need it to advance in your journey,” says Miled. Upgrades to a player’s character is necessary, without which progression is going to be impossible. Miled also highlighted that their crafting system has a strong “aesthetic aspect” as well.

The raw materials are attainable through looting chests, corpses and other materials. From these players can craft weapons, armors, traps, ammunition and potions.

Unlike other games where the better items are gained by looting it off high-level bosses or secret chests, crafting in Bound by Flame gives you “some of the best pieces of equipment” out there.

As for visual customization, some pieces of armor have up to three slots that can be upgraded, with a direct impact on your character’s appearance.

The game features a lot of crafting resources, and each of them has several quality levels:

  • Metal (raw, refined…)
  • Steel
  • Gemstone
  • Bones
  • Leather
  • Blood
  • Hearth dust
  • etc…

Low quality versions of these are easily found. These can be used to create high quality gear as well but at the cost of quantity. In total, you’ll require to gather a large amount of materials to create all of your high quality gears. For instance, three coins let you craft a piece of raw metal, and four raw metal pieces will let you craft a piece of refined metal!

Unwanted equipment can also be recycled to attain crafting materials. Finding better armor might mean dismantling the older one for its components.

Bound of Flame puts a large focus on crafting, having an entire list of upgradable talents that lets players craft more efficiently. As you level up and gain points, you can upgrade your craftmanship, where you may want to consume less materials or find more loot in chests.

More videos have been promised by the developer in the coming weeks that will detail more of the game’s mechanics.

Source PlayStation Blog