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Betrayer Releases This Month in Black and White

Betrayer is finally all set for a release this year and will do so on March 24, Blackpowder Games announced today.

The black and white 17th Century first-person title has been lying in Steam’s Early Access since August of last year and until it’s officially released by the end of the month, the price of it will remain at $15. However from March 24 onwards, the price will be raised to $20. Hence if anyone is even remotely interested in Betrayer, a purchase makes more sense right now since you’ll be saving $5.

Betrayer puts players in the shoes of a 17th Century New World colonist who gets lost on the way to Virginia and ends up in a strange, black and white universe. This new place is filled with ghosts and all sorts of the supernatural. As it is the case mostly, you must set out to explore this new place and find out what exactly happened to the colony. While you’re at it, there may also be some way to restore order to the area but it won’t be easy.

Designer and writer Craig Hubbard says he’s been wanting to create “a player-driven game that emphasizes exploration and discovery with minimal hand-holding” for almost ten years. Betrayer is supposed to be all that he’s wished and we’ll see soon if that’s an impressive feat or not.