Titanfall Gets an AWESOME Launch Trailer

Titanfall – the much awaited upcoming FPS mech game by Respawn Entertainment just got a new trailer, and it’s awesome.

The game is only days away – set for release on March 11th (with some users already reaping the benefits by playing the game early – before the official release).

The trailer displays some epic combat action with the pilots and the mechs doing some smooth moves – like that guy dodging that missile at 1:01. It also includes some slow mo moves with a LOT of explosions going on and it makes sure that everyone knows how awesome the upcoming title is.

The game’s going to have a multiplayer campaign too, for all the players who are interested in some stories – and the launch trailer and the in-game beta and preview cinematics repeatedly assure us that it’s going to be explosively fun.

So recharge your controllers, stock up on ramen and cheesy puffs, set up your systems and take a day off work – because it’s only two days until the game is available for everyone on PCs and Xbox Ones.

Ready up for some wall jumping and some awesome combat – because Titanfall is going live on March 11th.

Excited about the game? Eagerly awaiting it’s arrival? Already playing it? Voice out your thoughts in the comments section below.