Skyscrapers and Edifices Make Thier Way to Minecraft with City Texture Pack

It was recently confirmed that the owners of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition will see a new DLC named City Texture Pack today. CTP will enable players to build different sorts of urbanized structures and will set them back $1.

The DLC is now available to download on and its official description reads:

A creative texture set, ideal for building structures. Free your inner architect and shape the world around you. The perfect set for the focused builder.

In addition to novel block textures, the DLC will also alter appearance of different monsters by giving them a professional look. Zombies will be seen in tattered slacks and wearing ties while the creepers will be adapting Harvey Specter style i.e. suits.

Furthermore, the DLC will also include new in-game textures which will enable players to make large structures like edifices and skyscrapers in a more efficient way.

As of now, CTP is exclusively available for Xbox 360. The Playstation 3 version of the game made its first appearance last year but, it still hasn’t received any Texture Packs.

Other big news related to Minecraft is that the upcoming Title Update #14. with no solid release date at hand, TU14 will bring Trading and Anvil to the game along with a redefined User-Interface. Check out these Screenshots while you wait for incoming TU.

And lastly, fans of Minecraft who own a Playstation 4 have finally received something to hold on as the Playstation 4 Version is hinted to be in the works.

Check out these screenshots courtesy of Official Xbox Magazine and let us know of your impressions!