PlayStation 4 Camera Prices Raised by GameStop Due to High Demand

The old demand and supply curve is doing its magic again. PlayStation 4 Camera has been sold out on many retailers and GameStop is (apparently) taking advantage of the situation. The retailer has raised its list price for the camera by 11 bucks.

PlayStation 4 Camera has originally been priced at $59 by Sony Computer Entertainment but GameStop is currently selling it for $69.99. I say that they are taking advantage of the shortage of supply because they had previously listed the camera on its original price.

Furthermore, multiple major retailers show the camera’s status out of stock. These include Target, Best Buy and Amazon.

SCE America was contacted to comment on the matter when they said that they usually don’t comment on sales figures and other matters like shipment and production in the public, they still are happy that the PlayStation 4 Camera is high on demand. They went on to say that:

“Live broadcasting on PS4 is thriving, with more than 3.6 million live gameplay broadcasts streamed via Twitch and Ustream. PS4’s broadcasting capabilities have been a driver for strong sales of the PS Camera, which puts the gamer front and center to engage with the community more directly. We continue to control our production according to market demand and increase the production as necessary to meet the needs”

There are certain sellers who have put up the PlayStation 4 Camera on sale through Amazon; these individuals are asking for prices around $100.

Do you own a PlayStation 4 Camera? Would you want one?