New Trailer Teases MotoGP 14 for PS4 – Could be a Mistake

Are you a bike racing fan, or a bike racing videogames fan for that matter? If you are, this one might excite you. The next installment in the MotoGP bike racing series, MotoGP 14 is coming to PlayStation 4.

Game News Official posted a new trailer for MotoGP 14, if you watch it through to the end, you will see that the list of platforms that the game is being released to includes PlayStation 4 as well.

This was not known previously, as the platforms that the game was expected on included PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

If you don’t know much about the game itself, check out the official website where developer Milestone states that:

“Much news is on its way including lots of technical and social improvements that the new console generation has brought to Milestone. A completely redesigned engine will see its maximum appearance not only on PlayStation 4 but also on the past gen platforms; a new audio engine, new real time light effects, graphic details that have never seen before on a two wheeled game and, finally, with a richer and evolved Multiplayer experience.”

So, there is going to be a new engine, and the game will support up to 12 players online (up to 6 on PS Vita). The four listed game modes will be Online Gran Prix, Online Championship, MotoGP Sprint Season and Time Attack.

MotoGP 14 is expected to be released in June 2014, are you one of those who would buy it?