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Loadout to Add New Features and Game Modes

Edge of Reality’s Free-to-Play third person shooter ‘Loadout’ is increasing in popularity for its arcade style multiplayer combat in the variety of modes available in the game.

Due to the increasing popularity of the game and huge demand of the community, the developers have decided to bring new features and new weapons to the game in their next build.

Not many details have been provided about any of the new features coming in the next build but they have listed down what is coming your way in a very near future.

The new features include Ranked Playlist and tiered ranking system for game’s different modes. It will let you play private games in which 8 players will be eligible to participate. A new Jackhammer vs. Bots mode and Player vs. Enemy mode will also make its way to Loadout.

The list doesn’t end here, the next build is set to bring new weapon parts, character customization and equipment as well.

Also, the key updates that are coming in the next build are as follows:

  • Weapon Balancing
  • Equipment Balancing (personal shield)
  • Rebalancing bot difficulty in Co-Op
  • Significantly reducing lobby wait times between matches
  • Bug Fixes

It is good to see that developers are listening to the feedback of the fans. All of these changes looks extremely enticing and they will be welcomed by the players of the game.

Are you playing Edge of Reality’s Loadout? Are you looking forward to these changes in the game? Let us know in the comments section!