Kingdom Hearts Survey Wants Your Feedback About the Franchise

Square Enix wants fans to inform them of what they’d like to see in future Kingdom Hearts games and in turn help them “shape the future” of the franchise.

Posting on the Kingdom Hearts Facebook page, the developer invited fans of the series to fill out a survey that has you talking about your experience with the current games.

The survey begins by asking your basic information and gaming preferences. It then proceeds to ask about your experience with the franchise. What your first Kingdom Hearts was, how did you hear about it, what made you buy it, what did you like about it and the franchise, which installment is your favorite, how difficult do you find the games, would you refer it to a friend, how would you describe Kingdom Hearts, and many more.

There are also questions about which games you pre-ordered and what kind of pre-order bonuses you prefer in the series. Square Enix gives you options from a key chain kKey Blade, statue, Manga and more. Seems like the company is trying to decide on future special editions and pre-order bonuses that will make fans happy.

You have until March 14, 11:59 p.m. PST to submit the survey.

Kingdom Hearts III is still in development and seems unlikely to release before 2015.