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Infamous: Second Son UK Pre-Orders are More Than The Last of Us’

Infamous: Second Son has just crossed The Last of Us in the UK in terms of pre-order numbers, Sony confirmed today.

Speaking with MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment UK product manager Josh Walker said that at this point in the run up to Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed title, Infamous: Second Son has far more pre-orders.

He continued saying that this is all due to the “goodwill and buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4” and that the industry should expect “Second Son to be the biggest game in the Infamous series to date.”

Walker perhaps was being too modest there. The PlayStation 4 has sold more than six million units worldwide. Those are a lot of consumers and let’s not forget that in the current library of the PS4, Infamous: Second Son alone is probably the only game to be excited about. Killzone: Shadow Fall fell short due to its linearity but offered a good glimpse into what Sony’s hardware was capable of.

The new Infamous installment promises to jump even further in terms of visual fidelity and gameplay experience. I for one am expecting it to exceed Sony’s projected sales figures.

The Last of Us sold more than 3.4 million copies in less than a month after launch. InFamous: Second Son should have no problems in crossing that threshold in the same given time.

The game launches exclusively for the PS4 on March 21 and will require a 24 GB installation.

Source MCV