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Galak Z: The Dimensional Also Arriving on PS Vita Along With PS4

Galak-Z: The Dimensional, developer 17-Bit’s 2D space shooter, is now coming to Sony’s Vita, along with the PlayStation 4.

The announcement for the game’s Vita port was accompanied by a handful of screens and gifs that showcase the classic visuals and some of the nature of the gameplay. These can be seen in the gallery below:

17 bit claims to have been inspired by the success of games like Don’t Starve and Spelunky as being the titles that convinced the company to move onto handhelds.

The game is a top down shooter with a retro feel that has been described as being a 2d version of Far Cry and Halo. Galak-Z has been built with tactical combat in mind. Each unique enemy has a unique UI that controls the functionality and allow it to evade, use cover, and coordinate attacks with it’s fellow wingmen.  But advanced AI for enemies is just one of the sections that Galak Z seeks to advance in. This top down shooter is a next-gen worthy experience.

For more details about this game, keep checking back in to see more news as it’s gathered.

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