Batman: Arkham Knight Will Not Feature Online Multiplayer Mode

Batman: Arkham Knight is going to be the concluding installment in the Arkham series. Though Batman will return to the streets for a final showdown against the alliance of his enemies, the game will not have a multiplayer mode.

Game director Sefton Hill explained their choices regarding Batman: Arkham Knight in Game Informer’s April edition where he was talking about the next generation title in the batman Arkham series. While discussing the play modes, he said it is going to be a single player game and that there will be no multiplayer.

When going into detail about the reason why they are not including an online multiplayer mode he said:

“Right at the start this was our vision. It’s going to take all of our effort for all of this time. We don’t have the time to do multiplayer. We want to focus on making the best single-player experience we can. We don’t feel that it needs a multiplayer element. Warner Bros. backed that up right at the start.”

He also insisted that they don’t see any need to have a multiplayer element and that Warner Bros. have supported their decision right from the start.

Go back a little time, and you will remember that the multiplayer portion of the previous game in the series, Batman: Arkham Origins was not developed by Rocksteady. Splash Damage, the multiplayer experts had developed it for them and still it was not received very well.

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