Angry Birds Medieval? Rovio Releases a Mysterious Teaser

Angry Birds – the immensely popular mobile arcade game by Rovio has received a teaser video. This video was put up by Rovio Mobile without any hint to what it actually means.

What seems to be a trailer, accompanied by the words “the most epic soft launch ever” confirms the roleplaying rumor circulating about Angry Birds.

Much can be speculated from this trailer. Angry birds is already getting a feature film in 2016 after getting 2 billion downloads across all the platforms it’s been released on for both the regular and special editions. (Yes. 2 billion. With a B and 9 zeroes.)

So could this mean that an era for the setting of the movie has been decided upon? This must be taken with a grain of salt as the words “soft launch” are clearly meant for a video game, and not for a movie.

Maybe Angry Birds is getting another game, after being featured in Rio, Space, Star Wars, a kart game and the upcoming Angry Birds Stella. Maybe, this will be a medieval themed version of Angry Birds, with dragons and castles.

Or Maybe, just maybe, Angry Birds is getting it’s own RPG medieval themed game – after Soutpark recently got stick of truth. Maybe you get to play the chosen Bird who is set to defeat the warring pigs, once and for all and unite the two kingdoms in ever lasting peace as you include other birds in your party in this epic adventure. Maybe we can expect experience farming and spell casting in an angry birds game, that isn’t an angry birds game! A fantasy themed Angry Birds. Fancy that

Only speculation remains at this point as Rovio still hasn’t revealed any more information on the matter. Keep tuned in as more details of the project are revealed.