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Watch Dogs 8 Player Free Roam Confirmed, Q&A Tomorrow

The release date of Watch Dogs was announced through an official story trailer yesterday.

Now the developer Ubisoft is sharing more information on the game, piece by piece. To start off, the game’s creative director, Jonathan Morin confirmed that the third person hacking based open world game will support an 8 player free roam.

Rumors had been in the air regarding the 8 player free roam which someone decided to get a word on from Morin. The tweet in which he confirmed the open world free roam with up to 8 players was as concise as it could be:

Now if the prospect that Watch Dogs has an 8 player free roam excites you, you might want to keep an eye out for a planned Question and Answer session that the developer is going to hold today.

According to a Tweet by the official Watch Dogs twitter profile, the Q & A session will be held on Twitch TV at 12PM PST on March 7, 2014 i.e. today.

Dogs or no dogs, many of us will be in line to buy the game at the first instance we get. How many of you have planned your evenings around Watch Dogs?