Twitch Will Live-Stream E3 for Next Three Years

The worldwide leading platform for video streaming has announced that it will be officially live-streaming E3.

They are now the streaming partner of E3 and their partnership with show’s owner, Entertainment Software Association will go on for at least three years.

This is a great move by Twitch as it will increase the global presence of the event and make Twitch a go-to streaming site for gamers. All the Live streaming of the Twitch will be shown on the multiple screens inside the convention center and the press halls.

Twitch’s Chief Revenue officer Jonathan Simpson-Bint said:

Live video has changed the video game industry in a fundamental way and transformed how gamers learn, communicate and share their passion for games.

Twitch looks forward to deepening consumers’ E3 online experience with top E3 news, original interviews, and behind-the-scenes E3 footage.

E3 is one of the biggest events of the gaming industry, this is where the future video games are showcased to the public. ESA’s Senior Vice President of the communication and affairs said:

E3 is the leading computer and video game event in the world. It is known and respected as the launch pad for the latest in video game news.

We look forward to partnering with Twitch and extending E3’s worldwide reach to billions of consumers.

This is great news for the gaming community because Twitch is now integrated into consoles and it has become a regular part of our lives. What do you make of this news? Is it a good move by Twitch? What does it mean for gamers in general?