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Titanfall Release Cancelled by EA in South Africa, Preorders Called Off

Just in a couple of days time Titanfall will be released in US and after few days in other territories. Included in those territories was South Africa, until recently, when the origin website announced that the game’s pre-orders and the Titanfall release had been cancelled for the country.

Apparently, the step has been taken after testing South Africa poor network performance. So far, we have not been told whether and when they will be releasing the game.

Thank you for preordering Titanfall on Origin. However, after conducting recent online tests for Titanfall, it was found that the performance rates in South Africa are not as high as needed to guarantee a great experience, so Titanfall team has decided not to release Titanfall there at this time. We have cancelled your preorder and you will not be charged. Sorry for any inconvenience.

However, this comes in contrast to what EA has claimed previously, they had insisted that the game would be released to South Africa as they had tested the region. In fact, the exact word read “we’re confident that players worldwide will have a great experience when the game launches.”

It is also known that Microsoft’s Azure servers are not being hosted in the region. Azure being the basic support that TItanfall will be relying on, we can assume that Titanfall release in South Africa could stay in jeopardy for a while.

Are you one of those who pre-ordered the game from South Africa? How would you feel if the Titanfall release in your country is cancelled?