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Minecraft 1.8 Snapshot 14w10a is Largely a Bugfixer, No More Disembodied Limbs in Spectator Mode

The list of preview builds for Minecraft 1.8 is so long that Mojang had to take a week off before giving us the next installment, the Minecraft Snapshot 14w10a.

The snapshot has now been released and is mostly tweaks the game in terms of bugs. No donuts for those who wished it would make exciting changes to the game.

That being said, one of the major fixes in this snapshot of Minecraft 1.8 takes care of the Spectator Mode related issues.

Previously, players’ armor would remain visible making it look like disembodied chestplates in midair. Mobs were able to follow the spectators against how it should normally be and players could also throw in objects held before entering the spectator mode onto the pressure plates without facing the consequences.

That is just one fine-tuning aspect of the update, there is a lot more.

Apart from a list of Mapmaker changes shown in the changelog, here are the major bug fixes that the latest snapshot for Minecraft 1.8 has made:

[Bug MC-2053] – Inconsistent door texture[Bug MC-3450] – While lying in bed nearby mobs will look above the player[Bug MC-11681] – Players’ nameplates are too low while sleeping in beds[Bug MC-31047] – Use Item Stat Corresponds to Left-click, Not Right-click[Bug MC-44851] – Wither cant be killed with /kill while invulnerable[Bug MC-45375] – Improper Cake Texture[Bug MC-46207] – Phantom floating mobs are generated by any spawner (including natural dungeon spawners)[Bug MC-46223] – @a, @p, @e or @r doesn’t include dead player[Bug MC-46428] – Armor Doesn’t Hide for the player himself In Spectator[Bug MC-46430] – Spectator mode can throw item in every place, but can’t take them[Bug MC-46596] – In spectator mode, mobs can still follow the player[Bug MC-47028] – @e selector does not accept scoreboard parameters in non-player entities.[Bug MC-47431] – Hand shifts to the side when crouching/sneaking[Bug MC-47571] – Fishing line casts below the Player[Bug MC-47646] – Player 2 blocks higher when sleeping in bed and noclip[Bug MC-47656] – Other Player’s arms aren’t moving when watching them mining/placing blocks[Bug MC-47696] – Block sounds are distorted if walking with left and right keys[Bug MC-47744] – Cannot disable experience from villager trades[Bug MC-48160] – Cannot hide potion effect tooltips using HideFlags[Bug MC-48372] – Crash when using /clone on complex structure(command block and pulser)[Bug MC-48476] – Falling sand doesn’t display when summoned[Bug MC-48503] – Placing a Sign with NBT Tags doesn’t apply the tags to sign[Bug MC-48512] – Vines no longer have a back face texture[Bug MC-48544] – Baby cow eye height is misplaced and causes them to suffocate in 1-high areas[Bug MC-49057] – command block T flip flop (command crash game)[Bug MC-49142] – /fill wrong comparator output[Bug MC-49305] – Server Scoreboard “36>16” Bug[Bug MC-49375] – Brewing Stand CTRL+Middle Click Copy Derp

Snapshot updates are only for advanced users of Minecraft community. You have been warned!