Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault Mode Explained, Brings back Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode

Have you player Battlefield 2142? If you have, you must remember the Titan mode where two teams were tasked to destroy the enemy’s warships.

Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault will let you relive those memories, except that your objective will be to destroy the enemy’s aircraft carriers in the waters.

If you didn’t know about it before, the Carrier Assault mode will arrive on your game if you get the upcoming Naval Strike DLC.

Gustav Halling, the lead gameplay designer took to the Battlefield Blog to detail how the Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault works:

There are two ways of destroying the enemy carrier: either by full map control or assaulting the carrier as infantry. Each round is divided into 2 stages, starting with map control and ending with carrier attack.

Both teams start on their own carrier and race to control the missile launchers placed on the map, by capturing the control points near them. This will automatically launch missiles towards the enemy carrier throughout the round, eventually destroying its hull and making it open for infantry attacks.

Once you are done with that, you could either use a parachute from the spawn points to the enemy carrier or run to it using boats. Once you are there, you will have to destroy the M-COM stations in the hull.

Of course, you could simply take control of the map, kick back and let the missile launchers do the job for you too. The mode has been inspired greatly by Battlefield 2142’s Titan mode, so you would love it.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike launches later this month.