Watch Dogs Story Trailer Reveals May 27 Release Date

It looks like the official release date announcement of Watch Dogs is upon us. Initially, a tweet from retailer GAME had suggested May 27 to be the the date when the game will be available and now the Watch Dogs story trailer has been leaked ahead of Ubisoft’s announcement.

At the end of the trailer, it reads that Watch Dogs will release on May 27.

The Watch Dogs story trailer reveals how the story will revolve around Aiden Peirce, who is a hacker and a thief. While doing a job, he stumbled upon a video that he wasn’t supposed to watch.

People who wanted to keep all that a secret wanted him dead but instead Peirce’s wife, Lena Peirce gets killed. That is when the story of his revenge against them starts.

Aiden Peirce has vowed revenge for the murder of his wife and he has allies (one girl and a guy were shown), but his enemies are the mafia that run the city. Their business involves crooked cops, drugs, human trafficking and more.

You take the reins of the game with a gadget that can turn the whole city into you weapon to help him through.

Check out the Watch Dogs story trailer, it is one hell of a powerhouse!