War of the Vikings Will Release in April for PC

The highly anticipated War of the Vikings will be released on 15th April for PC. The announcement was made by the publisher of the game today.

Once the game is released, standard edition will be available for purchase at $24.99, blood eagle edition of the game will be priced at $34.99 and the Valhalla edition will be available for $149.99.

If you can’t wait, you can get steam early access for PC right now!

The blood eagle edition of the game will feature a digital concept art book, soundtrack, tier one Vikings helmet, two gear patterns unlocked, bonus coins and first DLC Archetype.

Game’s Valhalla edition will include digital concept art book, Vikings helmet, gift-able coins, deluxe soundtrack, access to all the future DLC and expansions, and all of the in-game content unlocked.

If you decide to purchase any of the early access tiers, you will be given a membership to the early access club.

War of the Vikings is currently in development at Fatshark studios and it will be published by Paradox Interactive. It will not feature a single-player mode as it is a multiplayer only game. You will take on the role of either Vikings or the Saxons to battle with your friends and enemies.

Are you looking forward to play War of the Vikings on your PC on 15th of April? Let us know in your comments.