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Unity-built CoinRPG Beta Lets You Collect Bitcoin

There’s a Beta out now on PC where the goal is to collect Bitcoin and it’s called CoinRPG. Astutely put, this roleplaying game (RPG) lets players participate in a massively multiplayer online (MMO) universe filled with coins.

Sadly, these Bitcoins aren’t real, but only serve as a marker to indicate the most proficient coin collector. Instead, this fake economy will be loosely tied to the real deal later on.

By participating in the game’s contests, users will be entering a chance to win real life Bitcoins, although these aren’t present in the Beta release of CoinRPG. Instead, the developer mentioned upcoming features in a Bitcoin-related forum:

I am thinking to start off the Game’s Launch with different Weekly Contests offering up to 0.01 BTC (Bitcoin) per Week to the Winner!

BTC will be awarded to the Top Players who *Hold the Most In-Game Bitcoins, *Most Player vs Player Kills, and/or *Most Enemy Kills.

CoinRPG will be open to up to 16 players at a time, either through registration or accessible as a temporary guest to check things out. Leveling up will be done through the fake Bitcoins as well.

There will be 8 different enemy types and 56 non-playable characters roaming about. Additionally, coins can be collected from various spots across the world.

Players can also duel against other in CoinRPG, without losing their personal stack, though winning grants Bitcoins as well. To protect newcomers, player killing is prohibited under level 10.

Made with the Unity engine, CoinRPG uses cartoonish visuals in pleasantly colorful ways. It’s not unlike many other rounded adventures, but it’s not shoddy or off-putting either.

CoinRPG is free to play. No deposits are needed to participate.