Rust Getting TF2 Inspired Item Editor, A New UI and Farming

Rust – the Zombie Survival MMO by FacePunch Studios is getting an internet based item editor – according to an official weekly post by developer Garry Newman yesterday.

It’s much like Valve’s popular game model for the games Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 which feature player created visual items that are upvoted by the community and eventually go into the complete game.

These don’t perform a physical function, but rather act as a cosmetic trophy that players can showcase and display. The Rust dev aims on setting things in motion for the content creators and then expects the community to take over and keep providing an endless stream of content to keep the system running.

Newman wrote:

“That’s our dream anyway,”  “The website side is really easy. It’s getting the items in game that’s a bit more involved and might take a couple of weeks […] because a lot of stuff needs replacing. The good news is that it’s all crap and needs replacing with a better system, and once we’ve laid the foundations we’ll be able to add new items like it’s nothing.”

Meanwhile, Rust is getting a rehaul for it’s User Interface. This can be seen on  the game’s official Trello board. Also, Helk, the project lead for rust is working on getting farming integrated into the game.

Garry Newman wrote:

“It’s what it sounds like,” “We need to explore a bunch of performance issues we may or may not have with the system — so this is taking longer than expected too.”

Rust is available on steam for $19.99 as part of it’s early access program. Get it now!

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