Microsoft Xbox Live to go Cross-Platform? Android & iOS Versions Expected

People who have been active on mobile gaming would know how Microsoft has been experimenting with certain Xbox Live features on iOS and Android.

Recently, Wordamnet was released to iOS and Android with Xbox Live achievements. Now, it looks like the company plans to go full-scale by bringing Xbox Live itself to both the mobile platforms in question.

Couple of days ago, a job listing on the official Microsoft website left clues regarding their plans. The job listing read:

We will create a modern framework that is open-source, lightweight, extensible and scalable across various platforms including Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

The job listing has been removed now as it was apparently giving away a bit too much about the future plans of Microsoft regarding the mobile gaming market.

Now, Verge is reporting that the step to bring Xbox Live to other platforms is being taken by Microsoft to make Xbox Live easy to integrate into other platforms and make it more accessible to game makers. Their intention is to ‘win back’ developers.

Moreover, the current restrictions that Xbox Live has in place like permission and certifications from Microsoft are expected to be less strict in the future.

They also wish to provide lighter and more accessible tools for the developers.

Even if the job listing isn’t there anymore, the report claims that Microsoft is still hiring people to work on the Xbox Live platform and will try to create an alternative for Apple’s Games Center and Google’s Google Play Games.