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Microsoft Files Trademark for Two New Games, Possibly For Xbox One

We have been told by Microsoft previously that they will be announcing some new games in the future, but that is all they have said about those secretive unannounced games.

Nonetheless, internet is not a quiet thing; word came out today that the company filed trademark registrations for two ‘game software.’

Names of the trademarks that Microsoft has filed are pretty baffling in themselves; they are new, unheard of before and quite mystic. The first one is for Tentacles: Enter the Mind. Tentacles? The second trademark is for something called Ori and the Blind Forest.

It would be a shot in the dark to speculate much about these games from their names.

Except for the fact that Ori and the Black Forest sounds like a fairytale. We will have to wait for the time when more information surfaces or Microsoft decides to announce the new games.

One thing that could still be said is that the titles look more like digital releases.

Microsoft has let it float that they have at least four exclusive titles that they believe would redefine the term.

It was revealed recently by their devs that the Lift London studio had these projects on their list of work in progress. Could the two games in question be one of these?

It would also be worth noting that recently Phil Spencer had confirmed that some unannounced exclusives will be out this year. If the two stories are related, we could be hearing about at least one of them pretty soon.

What do you make of the trademark filings made by Microsoft?