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Get Resident Evil 1, Warframe and Blacklight Retribution DLC for Free

Sony is known for rewarding their fans for their loyalty to the brand. They have given away PlayStation games on the PlayStation home before with some big titles like Destruction Derby, Warhawk and Twisted Metal.

Now the company wants to continue the trend of giving away stuff to the players, this time Sony is giving away Resident Evil 1 Director’s cut and some of the Warframe and Blacklight Retribution DLC through a very short PlayStation Home quest.

Warframe and Blacklight Retribution are currently available on the PlayStation 4 for free. Sony is enjoying a lot of success with the PS4 with the console having already sold 6 million units in just four months since its release.

Free games and additional content coming to the console encourages players to own a console and that is probably the reason for Sony’s success with the PS4 in the last few months.

These PlayStation Home quests are extremely easy to do and at the end of it, you get a free game. If you haven’t played any of the DLC or want to relive original Resident Evil, you shouldn’t miss these quests.