Dragon Age: Inquisition Locations Visited in Discover Dragon Age Video

Over the past couple of months, Bioware has consistently released bits of information to revive interest of fans in Dragon Age franchise and build anticipation of latest installment in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

We have known about the protagonist, returning characters, missing characters, state of the Dragon Age World and why we need to lead the protagonist to restore balance of the World.

We know how Dragon Age: Inquisition has been developed using Frostbite Engine and why it matters when considering the scale and diversity of locations you will discover in the game.

In this video, Bioware basically showcases how Dragon Age: Inquisition locations are different from others with their unique ecosystems, factions and opportunities to expand your influence.

The population in these locations will be based on an ’emergent system’ that reacts to your actions and creates different scenarios such as ‘attacks of bandits, deer fleeing from wolves and giant’s feeding on beers’.

The most interesting aspect of this video is the quality of graphics which is what you should expect if you intend to play this game on your next-gen console.

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