Dark Souls 2 Prologue Part 1 – Experience the Cursed Horrors

Bandai Namco has released a new video featuring the first part of the Dark Souls 2 prologue. The beginning of the tale of the unfortunate protagonist as he struggles to merely exist in the chaotic world of dark souls.

The video is narrated by a mysterious old woman who explains the Curse and its horrors and what it really means to be branded as a Hollow.

The video goes really well with the surrealistic atmosphere and ambiance that surrounded much of the original installment and this sneak peak is a decent sign that this is going to be carried out in this new installment too.

Even though the new installment’s success and quality is still something dubious that most people are only guessing about – considering that the original director for the game –  Hidetaka Miyazaki didn’t direct the new one. However, initial reviews by some of the community leaders like Vatividya are inclined upon establishing that the game is a worthy successor that follows up and satiates the bar set by the cult classic original.

Dark Souls 2  is an upcoming open world RPG for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. According to the director – the game will be set in the same world as it’s predecessor, although the two stories won’t be linked. The early reviews including the one by M! Games and Famitsu magazine – both sustain that the game is going to be an even harder and better installment than its predecessor.

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