Child of Light Co-op Trailer Shows Child And Ball Action

Publisher Ubisoft has a new trailer out for Child of Light, which gives us a peek at the cooperative gameplay. In the roleplaying game (RPG), a small child protagonist can team up with a glowing light.

It looks like gameplay is pretty much a one-way street of ball helping the girl get places. For instance, we can see the two float around the side-scrolling world, whereupon the light accesses an otherwise closed off section of the environment.

In another piece, the light can activate a switch to let the child pass another obstacle. Yet another example would simply be illuminating a darker area.

When hurt, the child can also call upon the ball to heal up. A shiny glow later and the character can go back to exploring.

Since there are also plenty of monsters running about, it’s also possible to use the light as protection. It can strike opponents, which will be temporarily disabled, making it safe to pass.

What’s not really shown in the trailer is how the cooperative elements measure up during combat. Since Child of Light uses traditional RPG elements of turn-based events, it’s uncertain how this works when two people go at it.

Moreover, Child of Light will have crafting elements in it for over 600 combinations. Skills can also be unlocked from a pretty extensive grid.

Hopefully, the cooperative element draws from those wells too, since it would otherwise seem like the light player would be the workhorse to the child’s glory-snatching.

Child of Light will be out for just about any platform on April 30, 2014. For Playstation owners, Ubisoft announced that the cross-buy feature will allow for the game to be played both on PS4 and PS3.