Xbox One March Update Goes Live Today, Features Detailed

It is that time again. Microsoft is rolling out their second and, in their own words, the most significant update to Xbox One. The company has confirmed that Xbox One March update goes live today and detailed the major changes that it is going to make to your console.

This follows in second to the February 11 update that had caused certain issues with the Titanfall beta, so we have our fingers crossed this time.

Microsoft has been saying that the update will focus mostly on social features and help improve the overall gaming experience of the users, though they didn’t list down the features before today.

Now, a detailed post was made on the official Xbox website where they have introduced key features of the update.

Top of the line would be: Ability to chat with friends while playing different games, chat audio being on by default and ease of access to your friends by moving the list of friends in the center of the homepage of Friends app.

However that is not all, the Xbox One March update is also going to inaugurate Twitch live streaming on Microsoft’s latest console.

We have made a list of the features that has been confirmed and explained. Check them out and tell us what you make of it:

  • Friend list appears in the center of Friends app’s homepage. Saying ‘Xbox, go to Friends’ or clicking Social will take you to it.
  • Party chat audio will be on by default
  • You can chat with friends while playing different games
  • Game menus will now have ‘invite friends to the game’ option
  • You will be able to see a list of Recent Players now
  • Twitch live stream support
  • Optical will now support 5.1 Dolby Digital sound
  • TV app will support 50Hz output now
  • You can now adjust the volume increments for each time you command ‘Xbox volume up’ or ‘Xbox volume down’
  • Xbox One Stereo Headset and Adapter, the Xbox One Media Remote with a dedicated OneGuide button will be supported.
  • Certain browser improvements will give a more integrated internet experience while using Xbox One
  • IR blasting for power and volume to TV and AVR will now be available in all the regions where the console has been released
  • Sound bar setup has been made simpler
  • Lastly, there will be a handful of miscellaneous general tweaks to how the console works e.g. passkeys, changes to Snap features and more.